sábado, julho 29

Random Phrases

Agora vou passar a escrever sempre alguns excertos de música que goste muito ou que me marcaram de uma maneira ou de outra.

Aqui ficam algumas para já:

Justin Timberlake - SexyBack: "I'm bringin' the sexy back/Them modern boys they don't know how to act"

Pink - Who Knew: "If someone said three years from now/You'd be long gone/I'd stand up and punched them out"

Goldfrapp - Number 1: "You're my favourite moment, you're my Saturday"

Madonna - Sorry: "Don't explain yourself 'cos talk is cheap"

The Corrs - Only When I Sleep: "Your smell is incense burning/Your touch is silken yet"

- And Love Said No: "I cried and love said no"

Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars: "If I lay here/Would you lie with me and just forget about the world?"

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